Monday, October 12, 2009

Praha Nightlife - Cross Club

Photo borrowed from Here.

Well after being here around 3 weeks or so, the wife and I finally got out to experience some of the nightlife around Prague. We went with a friend and decided to go out to a club that we had first been to during our last visit to Prague around 3 years ago.

The Cross Club is a VERY unique establishment located in Praha 7, found Here.

After a short metro ride from the green line to the red line (Nádraží Holešovice stop), we found ourselves out in a less populated part of the city. There were a few apartment buildings and a hotel nearby, but the area seems to be more of an industrial type area of the city. It is nothing like the more tourist oriented clubs that you will find in the old town area.

As you near closer to the club from the metro stop (which is just a short walk down the road if you take a left after exiting the metro), you will immediately notice that this is not your normal kind of club. The front contains a large expanse of metal which has been fashioned as a multi-storied outdoor dining/drinking area. It is very artistically constructed with a mix of random moving mechanical pieces and various light sources.

The inside of the club is just as unique. While inside you will notice what seems like a maze of hallways which can take you to one of the 4 or 5 (I have no idea how many floors their are!) levels which very greatly in detail. The upper part of the club is a well lit non-smoking area where the rest of the club is rather dark. Random pieces of metal objects have been constructed into moving "things," that are mounted to the walls and attached to the ceilings. It is very hard to describe how it looks but it gives the impression that everything is moving.

What would be a normal one story brick room is transformed with very unique lighting solutions and scaffold like raisers which turn one room with high ceilings into a multi-level sitting area. When ascending to the upper level it is required to duck your head as to not hit the ceiling. When you sit down at one of the tables the height is no longer an issue. It is a very unique design which gives the club a great atmosphere. I believe I counted approximately 6 or 7 different bar locations around the club where one can order a drink. Beer prices ran around 30 crowns for a .5L (around $1.50US) and a coke with Czech rum for around 50 crowns (about $2.50US).

The last time we visited the club the main dance area (there are two or three I believe) featured live reggae singers and the audience to match. On this occasion it is what I would describe as a typical Euro disco. Loud techno/disco music with a floor filled with crazy dancers, myself included. It was a great time and the energy level was quite high. They had some great DJs!

Overall we had a great time. We arrived around 10pm and didn't get back home until 5:30am. We met some awesome people at the club and got a taste of the night life scene. The cab ride home (Praha 2 Vinohrady Area) was a fixed 200 crown (around $10 US), which was a decent price considering it was being split 4 ways. We didn't realize until the next afternoon that the metro starts back up at 5am and would could have just taken that back home! The metro stops running between midnight and 5am so if you wish to take public transportation during that time you have to wait around for the night trams that run every 40min.

If you live around Prague or plan on visiting some time in the future and want to experience some unusual nightlife, this is definitely a place to check out!

I will include a shot video of the club, but as usual the full video will not fit on the screen. You can either click the video to view on youtube or click above in my video bar!


  1. I wish I was back in Europe. I hope to someday go back maybe with an Army position in Germany or something. Otherwise....I miss it sometimes

  2. Sounds like a great time! Wish I could have been there. I am glad you guys are getting out and being young. :)