Friday, November 6, 2009

Pizza Neděle!

Pizza Sunday is my very own failed tradition here in the Czech Republic.

It started off as a great plan!

In our neighborhood there is a nice Italian Restaurant called Gusto (Found HERE). They have a large menu with everything from pizza, to pasta, Czech meals, etc. Lots of options and some pretty good food.

Overall, the restaurant has a great feel to it and everything looks very nice. Probably what one would expect to find in a nicer Italian restaurant. Located on a busy street that is frequented by pedestrians, car, and tram traffic, the restaurant's outward appearance is very bold and colorful.

Inside you will find that the restaurant is much larger than you would have thought, judging by an outside appearance. Besides normal seating (also known as the smoking section), the restaurant offers a non-smoking section, a kids section with TV, games, and cartoons painted on the wall, secluded rooms for parties of private gathering, and also an outdoor seating area in the back of the building in the courtyard area.

As with any restaurant in the Czech Republic, they also have a full stocked bar. Price wise it is a fairly expensive to have a few drinks compared to other alternatives in the area. Beer (pivo) runs around 35 crowns (~$2 US) compared to other places in the area that serve the same pivo for around 22 crowns. Even though the restaurant has a great feel to it and nice surroundings, you will not find an active local population going there for drinks. By US standards, I doubt you would get much complaint about the price :)

Now, the reason for my failed tradition is that every Sunday Gusto offers half price pizza to students. No matter the age, a student ID card is all that is needed.
One pie per student. While the pizza is no Papa Murphy's (Yeah, I went there), they taste pretty damn good! Part of the reason is that they are made by open fire in a brick oven.

The restaurant has a pretty good selection of different kinds of pies. Toppings range from what the US would consider traditional to things less traditional, like corn. Unlike pizza in the states, Czech pizza usually has very little cheese and very little grease, if any. It is pretty similar to pizza you would find in Italy. I have also noticed that the pies are not as clustered with toppings as a pizza you would get in the states.

Price wise, the pizza at Gusto runs around 150 crowns (around $8US) for a size that will confidently fill to gut of two adults. Usually we would not spend that much on pizza, since there are certainly less expensive options, but half price Sunday is a pretty decent deal!

Since the tradition was crafted five Sundays ago, we have only made it here twice. Though, there is always hope for this Sunday! :D


  1. Always trying to start a movement. This blog made me laugh. Which probably isn't good in the middle of work. I'm glad you went there, I lurv me some Pappa Murphys. <3

  2. I love the menu; the different items seem to be "czechtalian".

  3. Hi David,

    I can't find contact info on your blog but wanted to speak with you about a TV show we're going to be filming in Prague in early August about American Expats living abroad. It will air on HGTV (Home & Garden Television) here in the States this September. If you're interested I'd love to hear from you ASAP. My email address is kwoolsey@highnoontv.com. Thanks!